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Business Analytics and Reporting

Decision-Making Insights In Minutes

Decisions are the lifeblood of every business and good decision-making requires solid intelligence and insight. iCharts provides businesses the most robust family of solutions for rapidly producing, distributing and collaborating via real-time dashboards, interactive reports and intuitive charts. Complex sales performance metrics, financial results and supply chain information is easily embedded and shared through our elegant data visualization technology. Our native integration with the world’s leading Cloud Enterprise platforms such as NetSuite and Salesforce, means you only have to worry about interpreting the insights and not creating them.


iCharts is ideal for key business functions including:

  • C-Level / Executive reporting
  • Sales performance management
  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer service / support performance tracking
  • Financial analytics
  • Supply chain reporting


iCharts works in all aspects of enterprise.

Our cloud-based Visual Analytics Platform powers today’s business.