Featured Chart: NRF Predicts Retail Sales Growth for 2013

There's no arguing that it's been a rough decade for the U.S. economy, and retail sales are one of the greatest indicators of this. The National Retail Federation uses the U.S. Department of Commerce's data to show exactly how we've been spending our money on retail throughout the last 10 years - whether they were good or bad.



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Joseph Kelly on All Things Data and Hip-Hop

As the co-founder and president of data marketplace Infochimps, Joseph Kelly leads the company’s tools and services that allow owners of datasets to publish their information in new ways while gathering new audiences. In our latest Spotlight Interview with this serial entrepreneur, Kelly tells us about his business goals, philosophies, and inspirations.

So, what first got him so interested in data? Rap.

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Zoom In and Out of Time

We often use line charts or vertical bar charts to show a time series. For example, sales over several quarters, or unemployment by month. Depending on the story that you might want to tell, you will select a specific time horizon. For example, if you want to highlight a particular pattern over the last few months, then you zoom in and show those relevant months. But if you want to show an overall trend, you might want to display a longer time horizon.

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Spending Sprees and Children’s Glee - Where’s the Money at?

Season’s greetings and good tidings to all of you data-lovers! Now that the parade of shopping sprees is winding down, it’s time to take a look at how this year is faring for holiday products and what 2012 is doing differently than 2011.

One of our partners in following seasonal trends is the National Retail Federation, who analyzed how much people spent over the last year and when exactly, and the results yielded a clear winner.

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Holiday Stats & Stories: Sales Skyrocket for All Industries Last Weekend

Today we wind down from a week full of buzz around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. All eyes were on whether the results would bring good tidings for retailers and the American economy - and they did.

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Elections 2012: Recounting the Numbers and Highlights

History was made yet again last Tuesday when Barack Obama was re-elected as the United States’ 44th president, entering a second term with 332 electoral votes compared to Mitt Romney’s 206.

To no one's surprise, the President’s victory is still being celebrated around the country, making a particular splash by setting record-breaking numbers across a number of social media platforms.

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The Final Countdown

Less than a week until Election Day, and the race is neck in neck. Across all polls, both candidates are ranked almost exactly the same, making the next president even more difficult to predict. Who will be the next to fill the White House?

[ichart url="http://www.icharts.net/chartchannel/1-week-left-obama-romney-are-tied_m3..."]

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(Chart) Content Marketing - An Essential Ingredient for Next Gen Media & Marketing

At iCharts we often get questions from inside and outside about our value proposition. Truth be told, our story (our value prop) has evolved over the years and while our core strengths haven't changed...the why and when you use iCharts has shifted with an ever-changing media industry.

So how's that?

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