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  Award-winning Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

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iCharts is the leading native visual reporting application for companies today. Build robust visuals and analytics without leaving your ERP dashboard.

Our cloud-based Visual Analytics Platform empowers rapid visualization of business information

and dynamic data sets.

Improve Agility

Manage your business in real-time, not based on outdated extracts or spreadsheets

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Increase Productivity

No need to export your data; visualize your business within your dashboard

Reduce Complexity

Create and share interactive visualizations without ever leaving your dashboard

Find a solution for your reporting needs 


Achieve Finance Excellence With Real-Time Analytics

Supply Chain

Optimize Your Supply Chain With Actionable Visual Analytics

Customer Service

Delight Your Customers And Manage Your Performance With Insightful Analytics

Executive Suite

Visualize Your Next Strategic Move With Analytics


Improve Your Sales Performance With Real-Time Analytics


Manage Your Brand And Funnel With Powerful Visual Analytics

“iCharts has given us the opportunity to bring all of our 

data to one spot. It has been a huge win for us.”


Join the thousands using iCharts

Chris Barney - Red Sky Solutions

“Since we’ve had iCharts up and running in the organization, I have had a level of visibility I have never had before. All of our executives are reading from the same playbook. The decisions are happening faster; the momentum is increasing. Last year alone we grew over 63 percent. I don’t think there is any question that the growth came along at the same time as the implementation of this tool set. It’s allowing us to scale the organization in ways we never thought we could.”


Chris Barney – CEO, Red Sky Solutions