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As I was researching what’s broken with today’s Business Intelligence (BI) technology for my last post, I found myself wishing for more. While I outlined many key paints organizations face today, I was looking for more details that I couldn’t find publicly. As a result, we launched this survey to help us quantify where buyers and users are most satisfied and where they feel the most pain today.

In particular, we are trying to understand:

How many companies have an enterprise-wide BI strategy?

This year’s InformationWeek Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Information Management Survey highlighted that standardization, the holy grail of the mega vendors, is decreasing. The survey revealed that only 28% of respondent firms now say they’re standardizing, down from 35% in 2014.

How many BI platforms do companies use?

The same survey highlighted that 21% of respondents said they use “many analytics and BI products”, up from 16% in 2014.

Is the balance of power continuing to shift from IT to the business?

While not a new topic, recent Gartner research indicated that by 2017, “most business users and analysts in organisations will have access to self-service tools…”.

Which BI features are organizations most satisfied with and which ones are most critical?

The survey covers eight key requirements, ranging from visualization types available, to end-user interactivity and self-service, all the way to mobile access and security.

Which data integration capabilities are most needed and why?

This covers the entire spectrum of access to real-time data, to integration with enterprise systems, to custom, external and big data.

So, if you are involved in Business Intelligence or Data Visualization, please take our survey here. As a thank you, all survey participants may enter to win an iPad mini 2 and receive a complimentary copy of the findings once the results are compiled.