You probably wouldn’t guess it but your (i)Chart can aid SEO efforts. The data and visuals you use can hold the power to your viral storytelling potential, but there are a few simple things that can be done within the iCharts Studio to make your chart discoverable on the web.

Your embed code is your secret sauce. Since the embed code becomes part of the backbone of your site that search engines crawl through, working in keywords unique to your business or blog will be advantageous.

To do so, follow these simple tips:

1. Take full advantage of the Description section located within the Format tab of the Chart ToolBox in your studio.

2. Add a few lines of text within the Description field describing your data and include keywords into the Search Tags field. (Both of these will be woven into your embed code.)

chart toolbox 1

3. Select (1) content category that best fits your chart. Once you post your chart (and make it Public) the embed code is available for yourself and others to publish to a website or blog, plus your chart’s published to the iCharts ChartChannel under whichever category you’ve assigned the chart to.

chart toolbox 2

4. Explicitly include authorship info in your chart and include a hyperlink to anywhere on the web. This info will make your chart more accessible on the web, including more terms applicable to your brand name, website(s) and associated topics.

chart toolbox 3

Want to explore more Tips & Tricks to maximize the performance of your online chart content? Check out our FAQs section or contact us for 1:1 guidance.