Presidential Elections – what an exciting time in US history to engage in topics that impact our everyday lives, today and tomorrow. To express our personal passion for politics and to expose the data-centricity of the event, please welcome our newest ChartChannel section: Elections 2012. Fun Facts About the Project

  • There will be Live! and adhoc interactive charts to rummage through at your leisure, close to 100 charts by time this section closes in November.
  • Live! charts will be updated on a weekly basis to reflect ongoing US sentiment surrounding the Elections
  • Adhoc charts will pull from a wide array of trending stories and open data sources such as Real Clear Politics, Pew, and more.

Sneak Peek Info We have (3) formal data partners who are kicking this project off with us, each with very unique (data) perspectives on what-people-are-saying and how-voters-behave.

The first Live! charts to post are from Experian-Hitwise. In coming weeks you’ll see charts from our other partners, plus charts from partners we haven’t yet announced. Want to become partner for the Elections 2012 ChartChannel? Please contact us. Don’t Forget To… Bookmark the event page, add to your RSS feed listsubscribe to receive ChartChannel email alerts. And of course, VOTE on November 6!

Sample Live! Chart

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Sample Adhoc Chart

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