It’s Friday, nearly 3p PST and most of the world is out enjoying their weekend. At iCharts, we’re not there yet… but will be soon!

But before we join the happy hour crowds, pick up our children from school, or figure out what’s for dinner….we want to share what’s been going on at iCharts in 2012, this week and earlier. Even we, in our busy lives can tend to forget how far we’ve come and what changes are happening behind the walls of Mountain View, where we’re based, and around the globe at remote offices in Germany, India and Australia.

iCharts, as an organization, has always been moving and shaking after it’s initial launch at TechCrunch50 but spent most of the first few years securing clients and building a product that would scale to everyday charters. Mission accomplished! With clients such as CocaCola, IDC, YouGov, MarketWatch and more…iCharts was on the roadmap and geared up for a strong Series A funding found.

Then again in the last six months, iCharts has made significant leaps to push out into the larger data visualization space with an emphasis on enabling publishers – big or small – to tell their story more effectively with a cloud-based charting tool.

Since it’s almost year-end, we thought we’d give you a mini breakdown of 2012 so far.

Feb 2012
Launched Online Subscription Services
Announced Series A Funding, as seen on TechCrunch

August 2012
Relaunched the iCharts HomepageChartChannel and our online User Guide

  • Auto-publishing capabilities in Studio (yes, you too can soon post to ChartChannel!)
  • HTML5 (no more flash!)
  • And other exciting top secret work

Whew….it’s been busy!

But back to Elections 2012, today, we want to share some highlights from this past week.

On Tuesday, September 18th, we (formally) launched our latest curated section with over 30 charts (so far) to spotlight the data-centricity of politics and to document Elections 2012 via charts with a little help from well-known open data sources such as Real Clear Politics and Gallup; but, also, with some amazing support from Experian Marketing Services and Peoplebrowsr.

Just a hand-full of the buzz this week includes…

And …this is only the beginning! Look for more Elections-oriented content to publish through November, along with industry fun facts, seasonal stories and more.

So to that, cheers and have a good weekend!

p.s. For those of you that use iCharts – thanks for helping expand our charting community to over 15,000 in the last week. And to those of you are still curious what it’s all about…check it out or explore iCharts at our next LIVE! online demo.