According to comScore‘s report published on September 12, 2011 on the results of a study on e-commerce sites in France that France’s digital marketplace is advancing. In July 2011, nearly 39.4 million unique visitors in France visited sites in the category “Retail”, representing a penetration rate of 83% of the internet users. A total of 43.6 million hours were spent on commerce sites in July 2011, representing 3.8% of total time spent online in France. Thus, on average per month, a visitor spends 1.1 hours on commercial sites, sailing on nearly 131 pages. As the number of web users climbs, the country is seeing a surge of activity in social networking, ecommerce, online video viewing and mobile internet access. The following two interactive online charts show the growth of the e-commerce sites in France. You can embed them to your site or presentation simply click on the embed button and copy paste it.

At least 93% of France’s population ages 12 to 39 used the internet in December 2010, according to the Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (ARCEP) and the Conseil général de l’industrie, de l’énergie et des technologies (CGIET). Males were more likely than females to be online, and web usage remained lower among seniors. we have just seen the Social media Report from Nielsen showing that women are more active in US and the older generation is becoming a bigger number in terms of web usage. i wonder France will follow that trend in the future in the steps of US.

According to comScore study, the top place is by 16.5 million unique visitors, the PPR Group (La Redoute, Fnac, etc.) with an audience fall by 8% over the year last. It is followed by the Amazon sites, with 11 million unique visitors a rise of 18% over last year. Orange took advantage of the fastest growing, with an increase of 37% over last year. Internet users aged 25 to 34 Living in the South East more likely to visit retail sites socio-demographic analysis emphasizes that women and men have visited equivalently merchant sites in July 2011.