The (Data) Story Told by You. Interpreted by the World.

Charts used to lead us down a pathway to a single data story. But we are now in a time where we expect more from everything we consume. We want to customize. We want to discover. And not only in ways that define what we listen to or what we buy, but in how we also look at data. Data now needs to deliver dynamic ways of synthesizing information. iCharts frees data from singular points of view and empowers viewers to draw meaningful insights.

Take this standard chart below. At first glance you see that the tertiary programs most popularly undertaken across a majority of OECD countries are in the social sciences, business and law fields. But click on the colored circles in the legend to also compare and contrast fields across countries.

What else have you drawn about these education choices? What do you suspect is driving clear wins in specific countries? What does it imply about how the global economy exchanges goods and services today and in the future as students become full participants in their local economies?

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Cool, right? We’re only scratching the surface! What about being able to analyze across segments or drill down to more specific groups or circumstances?

PowerCharts are iCharts synced to survey data with filters that allow more complex and customized cuts within data. For example, how far can you dig into the Supermarket Impression Breakdown? Click on the yellow filters to slice and dice across age, gender, education, marital status, region and quarter. How do supermaket brands perform across demographics in preceding quarters?

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