Here at iCharts, we’re all about data – be it big or small. Our goal is to help our customers market their data more efficiently to the people that matter. We love data, but what exactly does the data industry do as a whole?


Its core value chain is straightforward: It collects data in various means and ways, scrubs and extrapolates the raw data, aggregates, analyzes and distills the data producing valuable insights as a result, then packages those results into products ranging from reports, databases and value-add services. It’s a $66B industry according to research from Outsell, a research firm specialized on the business of information.

The data industry provides information for any number of companies, business professionals, and organizations – you name it. It quantifies all aspects of our world and analyzes what these numbers mean, allowing us – and you – to make better decisions. Here, we’ll show you one of our data graphics that takes a look at today’s Top 10 Market Research Firms and Information Publishers who contribute the most to our industry:



The way that the data industry markets itself is by sharing just a small amount of their data insights to be picked up and shared by journalists and bloggers. Not only are these firms generating visibility for themselves through this, but they are gaining the credibility that bloggers lend to people when using their facts. Being cited as a source is one of the greatest levels of authenticity that you can get, it establishes you as a credible and trusted source, and ultimately has an overwhelming effect on your brand.

Here at iCharts, we see ourselves as helping companies with their content marketing – and so do others. Design inspiration site Creative Bloq recently published a list of the Top 20 Best Data Visualization Tools online, ranking iCharts as number one. The article applauds us for enabling information providers to dynamically chart and monetize their data in an easy-to-understand, interactive experience.

In our next Thought Leadership blog post, we’ll be digging into the principles that self-marketing companies need to use when publishing data graphics. And if you haven’t already, sign up for a to start charting today.