As a Philadelphia Eagles fan I am proud to say Mike Vick is on our team and is back on top as one of the highest paid athletes getting paid for what he does best. In the end of August, 31-year-old Vick signed a six-year $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, $40 million guaranteed. This lucrative offer comes after Vick’s 2010 comeback of the year.

Vick has come a long way since his 19-month incarceration period on dog fighting charges. In 2010 Vick led the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFC East title, was the starting quarterback in the Pro Bowl and was the AP Comeback Player of the Year.

Regardless of the public’s opinion and doubt Vick has proved himself to be one of the most exhilarating athletes, bringing the same excitement if not more than his Atlanta Falcon years. As the Atlanta Falcon quarterback Vick was given a 10-year $130 million contract. Interested in knowing where Vick’s high contracts stand when compared to the top 20 highest paid contracts in American sports?

We looked at the top 20 highest paid contracts in U.S. sports and listed them below.