We often use line charts or vertical bar charts to show a time series. For example, sales over several quarters, or unemployment by month. Depending on the story that you might want to tell, you will select a specific time horizon. For example, if you want to highlight a particular pattern over the last few months, then you zoom in and show those relevant months. But if you want to show an overall trend, you might want to display a longer time horizon.

What if you want to do both? Fortunately, iCharts has a feature that allows you to customize the exact time period for default display while still offering the flexibility to zoom out to longer time periods. Or vice versa, you can choose to display a longer time period and allow the chart viewer to zoom in on any other particular subset of the data.

Here’s how:

1. Create your chart in iCharts Studio as you normally would.

2. Make sure that the slider bar is connected to the chart area by toggle clicking on the blue button.

medicaid costs chart 1

3. Adjust the time period you want to show your viewer by dragging the left or right corners of the slider bar. In the example screen shot below, you will be able to see a short time scale and a full time scale.

medicaid costs chart 2

medicaid costs chart 3

4. Now simply save your chart. It will now have the interactive slider that your users can easily adjust.

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