Chances are, you have a blind spot when it comes to your business. And it’s not your fault.

You’re a smart, strategic thinker, so you use multiple business systems and data sources to run your business efficiently. However, this approach has one major drawback—with multiple systems, it’s impossible to get a complete, real-time view of your business performance. Sure, you can view customer buying habits with Salesforce and track the order-to-fulfillment process with NetSuite. And you can monitor social media engagement with any number of online tools. But each reporting option shows you only a sliver of your overall business performance. You could extract all your data into Excel, but the moment you do so, you’re working with outdated information.

In order to mine the most value from your data and develop actionable business insights, you have to bring all the pieces together. You need a way to see all of your data, all in one place, in real time. And, the data needs to be easy to understand.

Until now, you really had only two options. You could:

  1. Restrict your view to the data offered by one system—your ERP, for instance—and hope no vital information was hiding in your blind spots.
  2. Employ a myriad of consultants and IT staff members to deploy a complex Business Intelligence platform and ETL tool to extract, transform, and load data into a centralized data warehouse for further analysis.

What if you could blend the real-time data from your CRM, your ERP, your website, and your social interactions to create interactive, intuitive reports and charts? And what if you could do it all easily, from one central dashboard embedded in your enterprise cloud platform of choice?

Now, if you’re a NetSuite customer, you can.

With data blending capabilities from iCharts, you can pull data from multiple sources into one interactive dashboard and create robust data visualizations. We’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Celigo, a pioneer in the field of application integration, to allow you to integrate data from applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Magento into your NetSuite dashboard. Then, you can use the iCharts NetSuite-native SuiteApp to create and distribute data visualizations, right from your NetSuite dashboard. There’s no need for a separate sign-on, and all of your assigned NetSuite roles and permissions apply.

Developing interactive data visualizations with the iCharts for NetSuite app is quick and easy. For example, you can create and share a report on your sales pipeline in as little as 15 minutes, with interactive data that can be filtered and refined in multiple ways. Each chart you create is completely customizable. You choose where to display the title, where to show the chart legend, and even what colors to use for a data series.

When you’ve completed your data visualization, you can share it as a NetSuite portlet. Or, email it or embed it into a PowerPoint presentation—it’s as easy as clicking a button. Because the visual reporting application is self-service, all NetSuite users in your organization can develop easy-to-understand, shareable charts and reports from multiple data sources, without draining IT resources.