Over the past two months, we’ve used this blog to provide information about how leading organizations use visual analytics effectively across departments. A visual analytics solution provides clear benefits across your business by helping you extract insights to help improve your performance.

Take a look at just a few of the ways in which you can use visual analytics to improve performance across various functions:


Accurately Forecast Revenues

Identify Revenue by Source


Effectively Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Improve Sales Team Productivity

Supply Chain

Strike The Right Balance Between Supply and Demand

Use Supply Chain Analytics To Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service

Proactively Address Customer Issues

Improve the Performance of Your Customer Service Representatives

Choose the Right Visual Analytics Solution by Looking for These Features

A robust visual analytics solution has some key features:

  • Allows users to interact with real-time data, so you know you’re making decisions based on the most current information, not outdated aggregates.
  • Gives every team member access to the same data, thus providing a single source of truth—no need to worry about reconciling various data sourteces.
  • Embeds into your existing processes so the information you need is always at your fingertips. You don’t have to waste time logging into a separate business intelligence solution in search of insights.
  • Integrates with leading CRM and ERP platforms, such as NetSuite and Salesforce.
  • Offers a 360-degree view of your business by integrating data from multiple systems.
  • Allows users to filter and customize data in any way that’s meaningful.
  • Available to everyone, improving transparency across the organization.
  • Provides self-service access, giving users the ability to create and share data visualizations in minutes.

Tap Into Industry Best Practices with Prebuilt Dashboards

At iCharts, our visual analytics solution includes all of these key features—and more.

Because we have deep expertise within specific functions, including finance, sales, supply chain, and customer service, we’ve used that knowledge to create best-in-class prebuilt dashboards within each function. By identifying best practices and creating dashboards that support those practices, we’ve given busy executives an additional way to tap into the power of visual analytics.

Our prebuilt dashboards allow you to start gleaning useful insights from your data right away, with virtually no training—and no IT involvement. It’s a quick and easy way to get started. Plus, you can be confident that the prebuilt dashboards have been carefully configured to help you get the most value from the iCharts visual analytics solution—they’re proven to enhance performance and productivity within each vertical.

You can always customize your own data visualizations with any data points you choose, but our prebuilt dashboards save you time by allowing you to focus on interpreting insights, not creating them from scratch.

Our iCharts CloudScale customers can access these dashboards as a standalone product or integrated within leading ERP and CRM systems, including NetSuite and Salesforce.

We invite you to explore our resources to learn how leading teams in finance, sales, supply chain, and customer service are using visual analytics to improve performance—and how prebuilt dashboards give them an extra edge.