By now most organizations, from large global leaders to emerging high-growth companies are leveraging visual analytics to extract insights from their data in order to make better decisions. If you are a NetSuite customer, you have likely been using NetSuite’s built-in reporting and analytics capabilities to visualize your ERP, CRM and e-commerce data in order to extract the right insights to improve your operations. You have been using NetSuite’s pre-built reports of pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and saved searches to quickly and easily identify trends and hotspots in your business that require further attention.

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We ‘ve spent the last year researching how NetSuite customers have been using these capabilities.  While for many of you, NetSuite’s capabilities are sufficient, we have also found that many organizations are also looking for more flexibility.  For example, you may be looking for:

  • Additional types of visual analytics (e.g., different KPIs, chart types, color themes and placement)
  • Increased user interactivity (e.g., filters, pivoting, drill-down to transactions)
  • Visualizing external data (e.g., from other systems such as Salesforce CRM, external market share data, Google Analytics, social media, etc.)
  • Exporting the analytics to embed in presentations, etc.

If this describes your situation, you are likely exporting your data into other tools such as Excel to get what you need and are likely frustrated by the manual effort involved.

Now, here is the good news… NetSuite has a strong ecosystem of business intelligence, reporting and analytics application partners to help you. Our research identified the following 10 key requirements that NetSuite customers are looking for when evaluating a partner application:

  1. Ease-of-use: How easy-to-use? Are the visual reports understandable and useful to your business users?
  2. Flexibility: Is it flexible enough to allow everyone, not just IT, to create reports and dashboards?
  3. Scalability: Can it scale to not only hundreds and possibly thousands of users, but also serve the needs of both power- and casual users?
  4. NetSuite integration: Does it use Single-Sign-On and comply with the existing role permissions?
  5. Real-time access: Does it provide you with real-time access to your NetSuite data or does it use pre-aggregated data?
  6. External data: Does it allow you to bring in non-NetSuite data into your NetSuite dashboard (e.g., Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc.)
  7. Security: Does it comply with your company’s or industry’s regulatory requirements?
  8. Deployment: Is it cloud-based (just like NetSuite), or do you have to actually install something on your users’ desktops?
  9. Collaboration / Sharing: Does it allow your users to collaborate in real-time?
  10. Mobile access: Can you access the application on a mobile device?


While there are many NetSuite Business Intelligence / visual reporting application partners, no one can completely satisfy all these requirements. The key issue is for you to understand which ones of these are most important for your business.

If you are looking for more details, including a handy checklist and listing of the key NetSuite Business Intelligence / Reporting application partners, click this link.

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What do you think?  Are these the most important requirements for you? What have we missed? I ‘d love to hear your experience.  Please use the comments section below to give us your feedback.