When Candy.com originally implemented iCharts for NetSuite in their organization, they expected that the primary audience of these real-time charts would be the management team to keep track of the data trends in their shipping orders.  What they hadn’t anticipated, however, was how quickly the warehouse and shipping team would grow to depend on these charts to manage order fulfillment on a day-to-day basis directly from the warehouse floor. Today, Candy’s warehouse staff is the company’s primary consumer of supply chain analytics and real-time charts inside of NetSuite.

Candy keeps their staff up-to-date through a feature of iCharts called “ChartBooks”, which allows them to create a rotating presentation of live charts from NetSuite data that is displayed directly on the warehouse floor.  This presentation revolves around a variety of relevant charts for existing tickets that indicate which orders should be prioritized, as well as status information for each shipper so that they know where their performance stands individually as well as the relative to the rest of the group.

Here’s a short video of Gary Cifatte, CTO for Candy.com, discussing their use of Chartbooks at Candy:

Keeping Staff Up-to-Date with Real-Time Charts

The problem Candy originally faced was that the management team might previously had access to insights, but had no way to easily share those insights to the rest of the staff.  Reports had to be manually created then emailed out to rest of the team, making it impossible for the insights to be useful for minute-to-minute operations.

By broadcasting the charts on large screens on the warehouse floor, Candy manages to keep their entire staff updated with a standard set of metrics from a single source of truth, which the staff depends on to quickly determine what action they need to take. “They are my number one audience and have more reports than anyone else,” says Gary, “Not only has this made us more nimble, but it has also created a some friendly competition between the pickers to see how they are doing against everybody else.”
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Other Uses For Broadcasting Real-Time Analytics

Candy isn’t the only company that uses real-time charts on the warehouse floor to help manage their staff.  Street Furniture Australia uses it to manage their manufacturing production, and even iCharts uses Chartbooks on a large screen to help inform our Mountain View and Sacramento teams on how they’re doing in terms of meetings booked and deals closed:

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