NetSuite is an excellent ERP and CRM solution that allows you to access critical business information in real time. It contains a treasure trove of valuable data. But when it comes analyzing all that data visually, the standalone product lacks a few important capabilities in NetSuite reports.

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Gary Cifatte, CTO of, recently shared his perspective on the differences between out-of-the-box reporting with NetSuite and reporting with iCharts, the award-winning visual analytics solution that’s native to NetSuite.

Key Difference #1

With NetSuite reporting, the core functionality limits users to mapping on a single data point. There’s no way to map multiple data points in a single chart.

“I could go through and I could map and grab on any single point,” Cifatte says, “but I didn’t really have the ability to go through and do the analysis across multiple input points.”

When began using iCharts, it opened up a whole new world of reporting capabilities. For instance, Cifatte was able to put together a report that allows for analysis and calculations on the value of one axis versus another. That allowed to look at both the number of orders a worker shipped and the number of items shipped and also create a calculation to show the average number of shipments completed. This data visualization allows to better understand warehouse efficiency.

icharts netsuite visualize searchKey Difference #2

Out-of-the-box NetSuite reporting also requires users to know how to group, filter, and sort the relevant data when building a saved search. With iCharts, on the other hand, no longer has to build saved searches with grouping, filtering, and sorting already in place. Instead, Cifatte and his team can apply the necessary groups and filters and sort the data right within iCharts. That way, can take a closer look at the raw data and then drill down as necessary.

iCharts Brings Added Value to NetSuite

For, implementing iCharts came with a number of important benefits. Find out how iCharts helped the company develop better business insights and save on labor costs.

To learn more about how iCharts can improve your company’s reporting and help you make better business decisions based on real-time data, check out our self-guided, interactive demo.

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