“What do you do with all this data?” That’s the question Jonathan Holley, a marketing analyst for Bailey International wanted to answer. Bailey International manufactures and distributes hydraulic cylinders, power units, and other components. The company was eager to find ways to improve manufacturing, upgrade their data efficiency and serve its customers better. And it wanted to tap into the volumes of valuable data in NetSuite to do so.

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Data Decisions

First, Bailey International had to figure out how to use all that NetSuite data effectively. The company chose to use NetSuite because it was a repository for live, real-time numbers. As soon as analysts pulled the data out to manipulate it in Excel, however, the data became static and outdated. Plus, employees found it difficult to share data effectively. Emailing spreadsheets around and keeping track of revisions was tough enough, and sometimes, the files were too large to be sent via email.

Data Efficiency

With iCharts, Bailey International gained the ability to create and manipulate data reports natively within NetSuite in real time. There’s no need to constantly download new data sets. Instead, employees can tap into saved NetSuite searches, map fields to each other, and run calculations based on those fields. They can easily share relevant data, drill down into the numbers, and collaborate to uncover new insights. And there’s no question about whether the numbers are up to date or not, which was always a concern with data exports to Excel. Once the visualizations are built, they’re always populated with real-time data.

Specialized dashboards have proven especially valuable for both internal and external sales teams. (The company also created custom dashboards for operations and marketing.) iCharts gives Bailey International access to information that simply wasn’t available natively in NetSuite, such as year-over-year sales figures by customer. The sales force at Bailey International now uses those metrics to improve its focus on customer needs and decrease the overall sales cycle, all while using the additional information on new opportunities to drive revenue.

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iCharts gives manufacturers like Bailey International the ability to make more effective, data-driven decisions. The raw NetSuite data can be used to tell a compelling visual story with iCharts, which speeds up the decision-making process. Seeing the information in a well-constructed chart or graph, as opposed to scrutinizing line after line of an unwieldy spreadsheet, can provide clear direction about where a company should focus its resources.

Real-time Results

And once a manufacturer has made important decisions, it can use iCharts to track outcomes and quantify their progress. Manufacturers can easily use NetSuite data to visualize the ways that day-to-day actions affect product quality, customer service, and even supply and demand.

As Bailey International found, iCharts integrates seamlessly with NetSuite, so employees can begin creating visualizations in minutes, without needing support from IT. iCharts also offers an API that allows manufacturers to blend data from other systems for a complete picture of sales, financial, supply chain, and customer service performance.

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