When asked what was their three favorite pies, 47 percent of people gave the golden medal to apple pie. The silver medal went to pumpkin pie at 37 percent, and surprisingly bronze went to Chocolate-crème pie with 27 percent of the vote. We couldn’t help but to create a “pie” chart listing America’s favorite pies. The charts lists all pies in ranking order.

With apple pie ranking number one in America’s hearts, its no wonder why this pie is commonly referred to as “The American Pie” except it is not “American” as food historians pointed out in a journal entry in the Spirit Magazine:

“Its lineage is British. In his wonderful book, Apple Pie: An American Story, John T. Edge postulates that apple pie may have taken hold in the States during Prohibition, when people stopped drinking hard cider. “ According to historians, pie is believed to have started in ancient Greece. The crust served as an invention for cooking and preserving foods within and was not eaten. It wasn’t until Romans adapted the technique and made it into the pie you see today, which became a huge delight of Europe. The British fell in love with the delicious dish and stuffed it with fruits and savory offerings.

Regardless of its origin, if you are in search of an American PIEfection, search no more. The following link lists top recipes for pies: http://allrecipes.com/Recipes/Desserts/Pies/Top.aspx?src=mer103

In honor of this pie article we must include one last fun fact before we go: Boston cream pie is a CAKE not a pie.


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