There is something bigger than HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria combined that is killing children before they reach the age of five in developing countries. According to a new research in the Lancet, diarrhea is now the leading killer in children in countries residing in Africa and Asia.

Sanitation is a silent killer if not properly handled.

Roughly 2.5 billion people – nearly 40 percent of the world’s population – dispose of their excrement unsafely and usually in public spaces. The results are widespread diarrheal disease, environmental pollution, and crippling effects on developing countries’ economies.

Can you imagine life without your bathroom?

How many people take for granted the simplicity of using a toilet and washing their hands with safe water.  628 million people in India don‘t have toilets. Indonesia and China have over 50 million. Each day an estimated 5,500 children under the age of five will die from causes associated with poor sanitation and water. In simpler yet harsher terms: every 20 seconds a child will die due to illnesses associated with inadequate sanitation.

#TalkSh*t November 19th supported by Bill Gates and Matt Damon

“More people have a mobile phone than a toilet. Let’s cut the sh*t,” Matt Damon states.  According to, Matt Damon’s organization, the lack of sanitation is the world’s biggest cause of infection.  In hopes to bring more attention to this topic Matt Damon has collaborated with the Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates has recently launched a $10 million project with German Development Minister Dirk Niebel to “reinvent” the Western toilet by developing a more economically, environmentally, and hygienically sustainable way to eliminate human waste.  Gates aspires to build toilets that don’t use any water and has also hinted at the potential for transforming urine into nitrogenous fertilizer and using human feces as a source of energy, Die Welt reported via Time.

What you can do?

The campaign also asks advocates to donate to give someone a toilet for life.  In addition the campaign for “Toilet Day 2011” has asked supporters to #TalkSh*t all week on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to help bring awareness to this cause.