Tips on using iCharts’ Platinum features to protect and extend your brand.

iCharts has made it so that everything that you tailor behind the scenes promotes your brand and optimizes your SEO (learn how). With the powers of Platinum in your hands, you want to push your brand even further. You have your logo, corporate colors and data in hand… but how do you bring it all together in a way that means business?

Use logos and images, but only in a way that respects your data.

At the Platinum level, you have unlimited access to image uploads. The temptation to use the largest version of your logo and place it front and center or to use as many flashy images as possible is undeniably palpable. But try to keep your excitement at bay and channel it wisely. The focus of the chart should be on the data. Images, logos and their placements should very gently set the stage so that your data can shine.

Accent charts with your logo.

Logos should quietly frame your chart. Placing your logo in the middle of your chart, for example, certainly draws attention to your logo but distracts the viewer from the information you’re presenting. Having a clean space around your data implies that meaningful insights are not only important to your brand, but define your brand.

  • Ensure logos are not any larger than one-fifth or one-fourth of the visual width of your chart. (e.g. If your chart is 500 px in width, then your logo’s width should not be more than 100 px or 125 px in width.)
  • Place logos in one of the four corners (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right). Give about 30 px of space around the logo so it is not cramped against the edges.

Be choosy with the images you use.

If you are taking it upon yourself to find the perfect image, you will soon find out that there are almost too many to wade through. The ones that will work out the best will fulfill two requirements:

  • Complementing the storyline and personality of your brand.
  • If resting in the background, the image will create open space for your chart while also drawing attention to what matters most to your readers.

Color MatchYour company may have a well-defined corporate brand color scheme. Use that palette to dictate your data series colors. You can easily copy and paste the HEX and RGB codes in the studio if you have access to them. If you don’t, take a your logo or a screenshot of your company website and upload it to any of the following tools that will analyze the image for the most commonly used colors and yield those codes for your use:

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