, as you might expect, sells products that help people manage their cables. From decluttering a home theater to building a server room, Cable Organizer offers customers ways to get their wires in order. When it came time to get their NetSuite environment in order, they turned to iCharts.

Automated Reporting Challenge

Cable Organizer uses NetSuite as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It’s a powerful tool that plays a crucial role in their business, but it left something to be desired. Their sales and finance departments were stuck creating weekly reports, and the hours started to add up. “One of our Sales Managers would spend his weekend doing reports,” says Margaret Reed, NetSuite Administrator at Cable Organizer. Not only was it drain on time and labor, it was a real hassle. “No one wants to spend the time creating these reports again and again, filtering through information.” They needed a better approach to reporting.

With this in mind, they put together a reporting system wish list. For one, they wanted a solution that didn’t require so much work. Secondly, it needed to be real-time. Their current system of exporting saved searches from NetSuite into Excel meant that their data was out of date by the time anyone could use it. Thirdly, they wanted something visual, so reports were easy to understand. Fourth, they wanted something they could eventually bring to the rest of the company. While reports are crucial to finance and sales, they recognized that other departments could benefit from real-time reporting as well. Finally, they wanted a solution that could serve as a single source of truth. “We needed one visual place where our finance and sales executives could see the numbers in real-time,” says Reed. They were tired of the back and forth between stakeholders with different versions of the same report.

At first, they sought a way to meet these demands with NetSuite alone, but they soon learned that wasn’t possible. “I struggled within NetSuite finding ways to visually present the data,” says Reed. Though NetSuite’s tools could meet some of their needs, it fell short of their requirements. They could build visualizations, but they were crude, and they didn’t work in real time. Furthermore, they still required a fair amount of labor every week.

Data Solution

When Cable Organizer couldn’t find the tools they needed in NetSuite, they turned to iCharts. Because iCharts works natively within NetSuite, the transition was easy. They didn’t have to learn a whole new software system, and much of the work they’d done in NetSuite carried over. “I was able to use a lot of the save searches that the sales director uses everyday,” says Reed. After a short learning curve, they started building reports at a rapid pace. “I feel like I’ve done almost 45 charts.” Best of all, once they built those reports, they updated automatically. Executives who used to build reports week after week could focus on more important things.

The first stage of implementing iCharts was to roll it out to finance and sales. “We have two sales managers here and one director of sales. We wanted three portlets for them so they could go in and see a snapshot of that information on an hourly basis,” says Reed. The old way of doing things made this an arduous process, but with iCharts, the process became much smoother. Now executives get the information they need, and no one has to break their back to create them.

Once iCharts was up and running within NetSuite, the reporting culture at Cable Organizer began to change. “We’ve moved on. People can trust the data. We can clearly see where we have issues, and it forces us to deal with them. It’s been helpful. iCharts makes us all want to work better as a team,” says Reed. Their reporting process became faster, easier, and more accurate. Simply put, their reports are better, and users find them more useful.

Organizing the Future

Cable Organizer is still fine tuning their iCharts experience. Thankfully, this process is easy. As Margaret puts it, “it’s really nice to have something that’s real-time. If you want to change something, you can go in and quickly update it.” With every adjustment, iCharts makes it easier for everyone to do their jobs. Furthermore, it helps capture opportunities that used to go unnoticed.

Cable Organizer already has plans to expand their use of iCharts into other departments. “I’m excited to start using iCharts in the warehouse, and for logistics,” says Reed. We’ve seen a similar situation play out with many of our customers. They search for a reporting solution for executives, only to realize iCharts can be just as useful to their average worker.

For the final word on iCharts and Cable Organizer, we’ll defer to Margaret…

“iCharts is a nice add on to NetSuite, and I would definitely recommend it. I don’t know of any services that provide what iCharts provides. It really saves so much time once you have everything set up, and it’s really helping the business. I can no longer imagine working in an ERP system without a tool like iCharts to provide real-time, visual data.”

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