Like milk, data is best when it’s fresh. That’s what fairlife, an innovative producer of exceptional dairy products, discovered when trying to reconcile data from multiple sources.

The company invested heavily in technology and human capital, and yet fairlife was still relying on manual processes to export data into Excel, reformat it, and put together PowerPoint presentations.

This approach caused a lag of several days between the time the data was exported and the time it was ready for review.It was necessary for fairlife to discover a way to keep up with production in real time. That’s why the company began using iCharts for NetSuite Enterprise.

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Now, fairlife is able to capture data from multiple sources, including financial, operational, and commercial data, and review it all in real time, right within the NetSuite dashboard.

“You don’t have to download, dump, and run reports on Sunday night,” says fairlife Finance Director Brian Krosschell.

Reports no longer have to be run manually, saving hours every day—and saving money. iCharts visualizations give fairlife executives and employees the ability to understand key data in a matter of minutes so they can make real-time data-driven decisions. Using iCharts has boosted productivity and has allowed the company to be less reactive and more proactive.

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Of course, it’s not just dairy companies that need fresh data. All manufacturers can benefit from the actionable business insights and productivity gains that accompany real-time data.

All of the milk fairlife sources comes from 99 family-owned dairies within the United States. But many other manufacturers source products and components from all over the world. They often find it challenging to navigate the complexity of a global supply chain.

With iCharts for NetSuite, manufacturers gain real-time visibility into the entire supply chain. And that allows for improved forecasting and better order fulfillment. Manufacturers can also create visual reports to show inventory carrying costs and turnover, supply chain bottlenecks, inventory-to-sales ratios, and order tracking.

Manufacturers that use iCharts can also uncover important financial insights by visualizing cash flow, income trends, and procurement spending.

Because iCharts integrates seamlessly with NetSuite, employees can begin creating visualizations within minutes—no IT support necessary. And iCharts offers an API that allows manufacturers to blend data from other systems for a complete picture of financial and supply chain performance.

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