As the largest real estate company in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., Long & Foster Real Estate have their hands full with big data. To make this information more easy to understand, L & F goes visual by organizing these huge datasets into charts that they can quickly share with their customers, competitors, and anyone else interested in the housing market. What’s more, they take advantage of our unique tools by branding each of their charts with their signature; “The Long & Foster Market Minute Snapshot.”


The chart above shows both the current and new listings in the city of Wilmington by month, and L & F have adjusted the slider tool to allow viewers to track data back to August of 2009. While neither datasets show a consistent pattern, new listings seem to be especially prone to swinging back and forth each month.

The signature used by L & F on each of their charts provide a stellar example of personal branding, discussed by Karen Kang, author of Branding Pays, in an earlier Spotlight Interview. Not only are they delivering need-to-know data to their audiences, but they make it easier for each person to view the exact information (in this case, by date) that they are interested in.

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