We have all heard about the security breaches that have occurred at some of the biggest brands, like Target and Home Depot. Maybe you have seen the wonderful visualization displaying the world’s biggest data breaches and hacks. You may have even had to take measures to ensure the security of your personal data from security bugs like Heartbleed. This week’s Featured Chart comes from what seems to be a survey question to organizations on significant security incidents as follows: In the past 12 months, to what extent do you believe your organization has experienced the following types of security incidents of significant impact? “Significant impact” is defined as an event taking multiple resources and hours or days to identify, diagnose, remediate and document that event. This interactive chart allows users to show or hide segments of data in order to obtain the desired view. Users can view the percentage of respondents that have suffered security incidents in the past 12 months.


Organizations have been the least susceptible to or have not suffered as much from data leakages, targeted attacks, zero-day malware, rogue or unknown devices, and compliance policy violations. About one-third of the organizations have reported that they have not experienced these events respectively. However, data leakages does have the largest segment with which an event has been reported at 33% as far as number of respondents. The biggest problems seem to be phishing attacks and unauthorized data access. 77% of organizations reported phishing attacks and 73% reported unauthorized data access. Phishing attacks show the greatest number of respondents reporting more than seven incidents at close to 10%. A nice follow-up chart would be the amount of resources and the number of hours that were required to handle the event. Another chart could be how many organizations feel that their systems are at high risk or low risk.