Here are a few notes that might help: The Viability Rating offers an assessment of whether or not to do business with a company. The rating combines the most comprehensive measures of risk to deliver a highly reliable analysis of the current and future health of a business. The Delinquency Predictor examines all of a company’s past payment obligations, firmographics, public filings, and financial data to determine the probability of future delinquency. Total Loss Predictor assesses and identifies companies with a high risk of defaulting on their very first payment due to any number of reasons, including inability, unwillingness, or intent not to pay.

In the recent months, U.S. business health has maintained a positive total index rating with a 5.1% year-over-year improvement. Viability Rating is up 8.0%, showing businesses have proven the ability to sustain themselves. The Delinquency Predictor has decreased 2.5%, indicating businesses have been able to fulfill the responsibilities to their accounts. The Total Loss Predictor is down 4.6%. This shows that businesses are not at as much risk of defaulting their first payment. Overall, U.S. businesses maintain on-time bill payments and exhibit lower risk of failure over the next 12 months.