Any company engaged in high-volume sales can find it difficult to stay on top of sales trends. was using manual processes, which only complicated the issue.

As CTO Gary Cifatte explains, the company used NetSuite data to track trends and compare sales across multiple days or weeks. However, it was wasting time with a manual process that required numerous steps and had to be repeated several times a day.

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Slow Processes Will Impede High Growth

The process started by running a NetSuite saved search, which would return the number of orders for the day. Next, those numbers had to be manually recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, the pivot table would be refreshed to show current values. Finally, a graph was built in order to visualize the trends.

But because the spreadsheet with the pivot table and graphs resided locally, it was difficult for most people to access. Plus, the manual process was time-consuming. Repeating the process multiple times a day just chewed up more time. The company needed a more elegant solution.

Once transitioned to iCharts to visualize its NetSuite data, life got much easier.

Key sales trends are no longer stored locally on a spreadsheet, and running saved searches over and over again and exporting data to Excel is a thing of the past. With iCharts, anyone with access to the chart can see relevant data, such as sales volume, in real time.

iCharts allows to create all the same visualizations it had come to rely on, with two key benefits. First, the data is always available in real time, so saved searches no longer have to be run multiple times a day. And second, iCharts gives to filter the results and take a closer look at specific trends. For example, can filter out the figures from top sellers in order to more easily compare how its smaller accounts are performing.

Better Business Insights = Improved Sales Strategy

By filtering out certain results and drilling deeper into its NetSuite data in real time, is able to view a more detailed picture of important sales trends. Employees with access to the data are now able to develop better business insights. They might decide to adjust sales strategy based on the sales figures from certain accounts, for instance. And because the data is always real time, smart decisions can be made based on the very latest information.

To see exactly how streamlined its reporting processes and uncovered better business insights, take a look at this iCharts-exclusive video.

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