The third and final part to our interview with BrandingPays author Karen Kang hones in on visibility as key not only to individual success, but the success of each and every person who makes up a company. Kang claims that we are all, in fact, free agents with an obligation to be recognizable for our own unique values. With a growing lack of job security and no secure or guaranteed career ladders, people need to be responsible for looking after their own interest.

It’s not an act of narcissism or vanity, personal branding is about helping the world know what your special value and unique talent are that will make the world a better place. The very first tool is positioning – that’s the foundation for branding.

One of the most important facets of branding is telling a story in a visually attractive and engaging way, which is exactly what Kang did last year when she teamed up with iCharts to survey professionals on their attitudes towards job mobility and social media. Check out the blog post here and see how big of a difference that visual component made, and see the chart that changed it all below:


We got exponentially high views of those charts versus people just looking at a text- based blog. To me, that was really strong evidence that having charts and having visual data tell a story was extremely important, and if you’re able to brand that story in a chart, that reach you have goes up dramatically.

Her advice for other iCharts users: Brand your charts. She ties this idea in with the metaphor for branding that she created for her book, which is “all around cake and icing.” The positive feeling that audiences get when interacting with a branded chart is the icing, that emotional connection that bring the actual data – or, the cake – to life. Adding your brand or image to a chart is a quick, simple visual recognition that gives businesses credit for the valuable information that they’re sharing via charts. Without featuring one’s brand or logo, users are losing a huge opportunity for brand recognition, and ultimately overtime, brand preference.

iCharts has a unique capability that they’re offering the world  because I don’t see any other efficient and cost-effective way – period – for people to share branded charts easily on the web. With iCharts, it’s so incredibly easy. The share buttons are right there, it’s a no-brainer to share your work. In the past people would have to use a static picture, but so much value is lost when you do that… It’s actually a problem looking for a solution, which iCharts has beautifully solved.

Kang autographs her newly published book for two of her launch attendees

[ Kang autographs BrandingPays at her book launch for two of the attendees ]