A skilled NetSuite administrator can be hard to come by, so many companies turn to people like Elena Tinios. Elena is a manager at Anderson Frank, a recruitment agency that specializes in placing NetSuite candidates, the majority of which are administrators. With so much experience filling such a specific role, Elena is something of an expert on what companies look for in a NetSuite administrator. I wanted to talk to Elena to see what she looks for in a candidate, and what advice she might have for NetSuite admins in the market for a new job.

What are some must-have skills for a NetSuite administrator?

The clients that I work with look for various things in their NetSuite administrators, however, the key elements are an ability to create custom roles, publish dashboards, and import data, along with the ability to create reports and saved searches. Occasionally clients without a large IT team will look for more technical candidates who can write SuiteScript and have advanced workflow capabilities. In addition, some clients also want candidates with experience in their industry. So, for example, if the client is in the manufacturing industry, they find it’s helpful to have candidates with this type of background.

Aside from specific skills, what do you look for in a candidate?

Apart from what I already mentioned, clients ask me all the time to find them candidates with a certain personality fit. Given NetSuite is a newer system, a lot of the administrator’s job is to train and encourage quick user adoption. So even if a candidate has technical expertise, if they don’t have the personality to accommodate multiple user questions or deal with resistant users, my clients tend to look elsewhere.

If someone’s interested in a career as a NetSuite administrator, where should they start?

Training! NetSuite offers many courses and certifications that can legitimize a candidate’s capabilities, even if they have no working knowledge of the system.

What question would you ask in order to tell if someone understands NetSuite?

“Walk me through your day-to-day activities within the NetSuite system.” If they stumble with this question, it’s pretty obvious that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

The best candidates are clear and concise with their answers.

On the other hand, if a candidate can comfortably explain their day-to-day activities and capabilities within NetSuite, it shows that they have a deeper understanding of what they’re doing.

Describe the best candidate you’ve ever interviewed.

The best candidates are clear and concise with their answers, and are willing to explain things in detail if necessary. They’re also honest about what they can and cannot do. Being honest about your capabilities, as well as what you’re looking for in a new job, seems like a no-brainer, but many people will tell you what they think you want to hear, which in the end only hurts their chance of landing in the right job.

What about the worst candidate you’ve ever interviewed?

Candidates who are unwilling to answer questions because they think they are “too high level” or “too busy” to explain what they have written in their resume. My favorite is when someone sends me a resume and says “just submit me and see what happens” (which we never do). Not only will I not be able to sell this candidate (because I don’t know about their skill-set or personality), they also won’t know whether the job I am submitting them to is even one they want!

How do your requirements for an administrator change from company to company? Do certain industries have special requirements of their NetSuite admins?

Some clients do prefer candidates who have worked in their industry. With this being said, I have also placed many NetSuite admins in positions where they had absolutely no prior industry experience. If you’re able to express in an interview that you have a proven track record of picking up things quickly, the reality is that you should have no problem learning the nuances of a NetSuite system pertaining to a different industry.

How has what you look for changed over the years?

More and more clients are asking for candidates with certifications or specific industry experience, especially now, since NetSuite has been around for a longer period of time and there are seemingly more candidates to choose from. This is actually a huge mistake! By doing this, they are significantly reducing the size of the candidate pool and missing out on great options because their stiff requirements. While it is true that NetSuite becomes more prevalent each year, this does not mean that the number of qualified candidates has necessarily increased at the same level that the demand has increased. In fact, since there are more clients implementing NetSuite and hiring NetSuite talent, the pool of candidates who are available and open to new opportunities has actually shrunk, so it’s as competitive as ever.


Elena Tinios is a manager at Anderson Frank, a global, NetSuite-specialized recruitment agency. With offices in the US, the UK, and Australia, Anderson Frank recruits exclusively for NetSuite jobs around the world.

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