October 10th was the World Mental Health Day Today , a day designed to raise public attention about mental health issues whilst also encouraging open and honest discussion about the topic. In today’s financial climate we see mental health problems to worsen – and doctors are seeing more people coming in with debts piling up, or who have lost their jobs and cutting down their holidays. It might be hard to believe, but in this economic crisis, even the wealthy are just as reluctant to spend their money as the rest of us. As a result, antidepressant use has increased during the recession. Patients are expressing more and more worry over the recession. According to The Telegraph , antidepressant use has risen 43% from 16 M prescriptions to 23 M during the period between the banking crisis and housing crash.



The reports show that many people are being prescribed antidepressants and not being offered counselling and cognetive behaviour therapy. The increase in the numbers of prescribed antidepressants are quite alarming. The figures raise serious concerns over the impact of the current recession on people’s mental health.

People who have been high fliers and now find life without their jobs overwhelming. “Depression can be caused by unacceptable change happening at an unacceptable rate,” Hodson explained in an interview at the Guardian.

As companies struggle, many businesses are freezing salaries, or in some cases lowering salaries, asking staff to use owed leave, and reducing work hours. The higher rate of mental health problems among unemployed people increases the risk of suicide. For those in work, job insecurity, excessive workloads and time pressures can adversely impact on mental wellbeing. The current economic environment is impacting on children and families. “For some, too much change can be paralysing.” adds Hudson. 


In the past each recession has left many people facing tough times. If people do experience mental health problems, then they should reach out to their doctors to get help not for the short term but more to resolve the problem in the long term.