Let’s say you’re looking at your open sales orders for the current month.  As far as you know, you’re setting your saved searches correctly, yet you’re getting almost exactly double of what you think you should be getting.

Since this affects visualizations created from the data, whenever we encounter this issue with our customers, one of the first things we look at is how NetSuite’s Main Line is set up to see if that is the source of the issue.

When you look at NetSuite’s transaction based forms (you could also call them records), there are two main sections.

  1.        The Main Line Area
  2.        Sub-line Item Area

NetSuite Main Line TransactionsMain Line can be added as a criteria on a transaction search to show or hide the fields from the two areas transaction forms.

A warning, though: the Main Line filter is not supported for transaction searches where the type is set to Journal Entry.

Think of your transaction record like a receipt, the main line item would be the total at the bottom, while the individual items listed above that are the line items.

Getting Accurate Transactions in NetSuite

Given the above example, you may make the connection why you would want to include or exclude main line in certain situations. If the main line item is the total, and the line items make up that total and I include them both. Won’t that double my transaction amounts?

Yes, in some cases that is precisely what can happen. It depends on how your company has gone about implementing NetSuite with their financials.

Main Line Settings on Saved Search Criteria:

Yes (True)

The search results display one row per transaction, whereas the line item details are not shown.

No (False)

The search results display one row per line item, but these rows may still include some of the main line data.

Either (Any)

This closely resembles the search results when you do not have main line on the criteria altogether.

In regards to iCharts, the chart will automatically set Main Line to False (no) unless Main Line is added to the saved search criteria and set differently.

If Main Line is something that interests you, NetSuite also has similar criteria for Shipping, Tax, and COGS, which you can turn off and on based on what you’re ultimately trying to analyze.

To learn more about iCharts, visit our iCharts for NetSuite page.

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