At iCharts we often get questions from inside and outside about our value proposition. Truth be told, our story (our value prop) has evolved over the years and while our core strengths haven’t changed…the why and when you use iCharts has shifted with an ever-changing media industry.

So how’s that?

1 – iCharts’ core strength is data processing and publishing. Built by BI and SaaS experts, our charting application was first-in-market as a cloud-based solution for publishing data from Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Data API Connectors and manual data entry tables. All of this enabled users to publish data-driven information in near real time on the web, bridging gaps that had previously existed between data sources and everyday consumers.

2 – The hidden gem at iCharts has been real-time data distribution with SEO-enriched chart templates, enabling end-users to increase their audience reach by 4x. comScore, IDC and MarketWatch have stumbled upon this and now publish hundreds of press releases per year with embeddable iCharts to help bring news stories to life, while also having the flexibility to update and refresh the charts on the fly as needed..

3 – The emerging value prop is the role that (chart) content plays in extending a user’s brand under the larger umbrella of great, visual Marketing. Brands on iCharts now (visually) attract extended audiences who seek data-rich stories about the world around them, in bite-size formats that are easy to read and share online. The end output? Multiple touch points between end-users and audiences: their website/blog, various community or industry chart re-embeds, social shares, and now iCharts ChartChannel community.

#3 (content) is the future of media and marketing and includes a wide range of essential, visual formats that accelerate Marketing efforts:

  • Interactive Charts
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Photos, such as what you’d see on Pinterest or Instagram

The upside for all involved in the online publishing ecosystem? The ability to share information faster and in ways that inform and engage.

How will you join the rank the ranks of publishers, marketers and individuals who use chart content to distribute data-rich stories? Learn more about iCharts’ products or contact us for more information.