We tweaked our the language around our share and privacy settings to be crystal clear about what each setting entails. We haven’t changed the settings or made any additions, we have simply just renamed what has always been there.

A Personal Chart (formerly Do Not Share) is just for you. This means that the chart only exists in your account and cannot be searched for or viewed anywhere on the web. If you’ve made it visible on the web at some point, and switch the chart’s setting to Personal, then the chart will no longer display anywhere it was previously embedded.

Personal Charts are not public

A Public Chart, on the other hand, is meant to be seen in the big, bright world. Set your chart to public if you want viewers to share it on their own web site or blog or start conversations with it on Twitter or Facebook.

Public Charts can be shared on social media

Charts behind Firewall and Paywalls is a setting for charts you wish to be only be visible on specific web pages. This means that sharing options would not display on your chart. This also means that if the embed code is extracted by some other means and is pasted into another web site that is not listed by you, the chart will not render.

Charts behind firewall or paywalls are only visible on certain sites