It was carnage in Bangalore and Pune bowlers were annihilated by the big Jamaican – Chris Gayle. He remained unbeaten at 175, the highest score in the Indian Premier League, breaking many records along the way. The one that intrigued us the most was that his 100 was the fastest in IPL, with only 30 balls. In this chart, we have visualized the players who reached a 100 runs in the least number of balls.

Chris Gayle broke the previous record, which was set at 37 balls by Yusuf Pathan. So the bar is getting higher and higher.

Can this record be broken? The theoretical minimum is 17 balls (16 sixes, and a four… no balls and wides do not count in the batsman score). In another age, one could argue that Don Bradman could have achieved this (he once scored a century in 22 balls in a second class match). Who do you think can break this record?

And just for fun, we also added the fastest century in T20, one days and test matches at the bottom of the chart. Chris Gayle’s achievement should be truly compared with Afridi and Richards. Those records were created in 1996 and 1986.

Is Chris Gayle the new Richards? Maybe, Maybe not… but it is awesome to see the Caribbeans come back to cricket to claim their greatness.