Sometimes we find ourselves with really interesting, newsworthy data, but can’t seem to find a way to share it with others in an easy and attractive way. Take for instance USASpending, a website that displays government spending so that the public can see exactly where their tax dollars are being spent. They offer Summaries where they display the dollar amount being spent based on government agency, location, or ‘prime awardee‘ – who is receiving and spending the most money, and how. The federal spending for Fiscal Year 2013 is online and available to anybody who wishes to access it, but the data can be confusing to read. That’s where iCharts user Rebecca W. stepped in.




Rebecca used her iChart to list the Top 20 U.S. Government Departments, based on how many billions of dollars they have spent this year alone. She has color-coded each of the bars in this graph to represent how they are spending this money, the most popular of which seem to be grants. The total number of dollars spent is shown in brown at the end of each bar.

In you didn’t notice at first, each of the data series shown in this graph are easily able to be clicked and hidden. Not interested in spending from ‘contracts‘? Click the box and that data will be hidden from your view. Only want to view each by ‘direct payments‘? Disable every other box so that you only see the series you’re interested in.

This chart shows only one example of how you can transform static data into easy, shareable, and interactive charts. Visualize what you can do with your raw datasets, and let us help you. Sign up for a free account today. iCharts: Data Insights. Made social.