Today’s featured chart provides an example of iCharts global presence and the universality of using charts to share information quickly and easily. VerdadAbierta, which literally translated from Spanish means “open truth,” is an organization that uses data to bring to light the truth about armed conflict in Colombia. The site looks at issues of justice and peace, illegal business, and ways to help the public understand the injustices occuring in different areas around the country.



Translated from Spanish to English, the title of this chart is “Missing Persons by Sex from 1990 – February 2013.” The numbers for this chart are organized by the area within Colombia, and the red bars represent men while the blue bars, women, who are missing. The small, scrollable info box in the top righthand corner explains that this chart uses forensics data to explain that since 1990, there have been 58,785 men and 20,067 women reported missing in Colombia. The full report explains that these numbers were acquired from the department of Legal Medicine Forensic Statistics Information and in conjunction with a department responsible for search committees that seek to find these missing persons.

The report above also includes two other iCharts that explain this phenomenon more fully. One looks at the sheer number of people reported missing in each area (not by gender), and the other tells whether any information is known about the disappeared. By looking at the green bars on this last chart, it’s easy to see that most disappearances are unsolved. To compliment these charts and give their viewers a better idea of what they’re looking at, VerdadAbierta provides a map that pinpoints each of these locations on a map of Colombia.

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