If you’ve been watching TV, scrolling through online shopping sites, or wandered around a mall in the last few weeks, you can probably guess what time of the year it is. You guessed it – the holidays!

At iCharts, we too are gearing up for Holiday 2012 by sourcing data-driven stories with the National Retail Federation,Experian, and Peoplebrowsr to present this year’s advertising, shopping, and seasonal fun-fact trends.

Data from the NRF helps us see which holidays people spend most of their time – and money – on. No surprise to see that the majority of holiday consumer spending is funneled into the winter months on gifts, decorations, and winter clothing. At a whopping 76%, it’s easy to see that people wait until the end of the year to splurge the remainder of their paychecks – all in good spirit, of course.

The NRF has also reported that the majority of Americans begin holiday shopping in November, at 39% compared to those who begin a month earlier in October at 22.1%. Why start so early? Maybe because November opens the floodgates for spectacular deals with the extravagant savings promises of Black Friday. Follow Peoplebrowsr and Experian forl live, interactive charts summarizing shopping, search and social behavior through this next week.

Continue to follow ChartChannel Holiday 2012 through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the 12-Days-of-Christmas to bring you the latest and great holiday stats and stories.

Be safe, be merry and happy holidays!

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