StumbleUpon founder and CEO Garrett Camp @gmc announced on August 19, 2011 on twitter that “StumbleUpon now drives over 50% of all social referral traffic to US websites!” According to StatCounter’s measurements, StumbleUpon now delivers more than half of all social media referral traffic in the U.S.

If you would like to generate traffic to your website there are several things you should do. It is now proven that StumbleUpon does bring a substantial amount of traffic to websites if you follow certain things. It is not magic and you need to invest the time to get results back.

First lets see what StumbleUpon is :

StumbleUpon is a web-based service that allows its community to discover and rate images, videos and websites. Members of this social network then take advantage of the “Stumble!” feature in order to “stumble upon” the websites that their like minded followers  have rated highly.It is best to use StumbleUpon by offering content with broad appeal cause remember StumbleUpon has 500 categories.

Learn how to tag your post :

Relevant tags ensure your story is found and seen by people interested in that  topic. Choose good tags when you tag a site. StumbleUpon has one of the most complicated network of tags and categories so make sure to use tags popular within that  community. Proper tagging is crucial so do a little research before you post an article. Check with other popular sites and see which categories and tags that they are using.

How to make your site sticky:

Have an “eye-catcher” at the top of your article and start with a great title. Provide good content. make sure the content is  relevant to what your audience is looking for. Your website need to look at it’s best as people will not stick around if they see an unprofessional design with bad content. One last thing, try to limit your ads on the website.

To get the best out of StumbleUpon give back  some  :

Remember this is a community. Spend some time to like other sites. Follow others. If all you do is submit your own sites, the community will realise . So do stumble others, and you watch your value and weight as a member increase.


Get your own account on which is a subsidary URL shortening service from StumbleUpon itself. Just copy the title of your article and paste it in the box given there and also your article link followed by and then shorten the link by clicking on the button below and mark the Twitter and Facebook checkboxes and then click on “post”  When you use url shortening service, your url will be given more priority than you share your link directly. This will give you more visibility ! A link shared via service will be add +1 to its stumble count whenever it is visited by any internet user and by that, your link will be topping the charts and this way you will be able to get more visits from stumbleupon too.


StumbleUpon is an excellent  tool and should be used by anyone that likes generating traffic to their websites.  I am not sure if you have already experience being lost in StumbleUpon but I have there are times that I have spent hours without realising.  I’ve found some amazing  sites through StumbleUpon and I know that it takes only one person to stumble to your site and like it. You just sit and watch the others to stumble upon it. Happy stumbling and let me know if you have good success.