The sales department is a vital part of virtually every business, so it makes sense to maximize the efficiency of your sales team. Implementing a visual analytics solution that taps into real-time NetSuite data can help you do just that. Here’s how.

Eliminate Disputes Over Data Accuracy

Many NetSuite users export data to Excel to manipulate it and create reports and visualizations. It’s a time-consuming, inefficient process. Plus, your real-time NetSuite data becomes static as soon as it’s exported. There’s no way to account for a new surge in sales or other variations in the numbers without rerunning your saved searches and exporting the data all over again.

When data gets exported multiple times to create updated versions of the same reports, confusion can arise over which information is correct. And disputes may occur, especially if performance incentives are based on sales numbers.

The best way to avoid confusion and possible disputes is to choose a data visualization solution that integrates with NetSuite. That way, sales teams have access to a single source of truth. The numbers are always accurate, no matter when the reports are run. Plus, it’s much faster to create data visualizations in an integrated solution than it is to export data to Excel for manipulation.

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Keep Your Sales Team in NetSuite

There are business intelligence solutions that can help you visualize your data, but they require you to log into a separate system to do so. It can be frustrating to log in and out of multiple systems, so the adoption rate of a separate business intelligence system might not be high.

As detailed above, it’s clear that exporting your NetSuite data to Excel is rife with inefficiencies. There’s another risk, too: data security. When multiple spreadsheets are being emailed around the company, leaks can happen. No business relishes the idea of its internal sales figures getting out to competitors.

Once again, a data visualization system that integrates with NetSuite can improve efficiencies for your sales team. Team members are already accustomed to working in NetSuite. An integrated solution gives them the ability to work seamlessly with real-time data and quickly create visualizations that show the status of their pipeline, their won/loss ratio, and many other useful details. Plus, an integrated solution offers better data security. All of your sensitive data remains contained within NetSuite and users can only access the data appropriate to their NetSuite permissions.

Keep Your Sales Team Focused on Selling

If your sales team has to export data to Excel to create reports or log into a separate business intelligence system to create data visualizations, they’re losing time that could be spent selling. And lost sales negatively affect the company’s bottom line.

You hired your team members because of their excellent sales skills. Why ask them to spend so much time away from their core competency? Give them an easy-to-use data visualization tool that allows them to view important data quickly, right on the NetSuite dashboard. That way, they can reference the data at a glance and know how far they are from meeting their monthly goals, which prospects have stalled in the pipeline, and whether they’re measuring up to their annual KPIs.

Choose the Right Data Visualization Solution for Increased Efficiency

To truly improve the efficiency of your sales team, you need a data visualization solution that makes use of NetSuite’s real-time data. iCharts is that solution.

iCharts was named the 2016 NetSuite SuiteCloud SuiteApp of the Year. With real-time data visualizations on your NetSuite dashboard, iCharts for NetSuite increases productivity, decreases complexity, and improves agility so sales teams can focus on selling.

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