Now that summer has ended and your kids are back from their long vacations, it is a good time to have them reflect on their favorite activities of the summer, while exercising their budding math skills through chart building.

Introduce the concept of sums, differences and wholes to them through a pie chart. Draw a circle and explain that as a whole, it equates to 100%. Write the value 100 on the side. Make a cut directly down the center and explain that exactly half of 100 is 50 and demonstrate the simple subtraction beside it.

Continue on this and introduce variations of subtractions from 100 with three values. Have them help you approximate how much of the pie the values represent so that they get a visual sense of relational sizes. As an activity after your lesson, have your kids pick three of their favorite activities from their summer and explain that 100% equals how much they loved their summer. Have them give a rating to each activity about how much they enjoyed them whose sums must equal 100%.

Then have them make pie charts with their ratings like the one below.