Journalists, editors and bloggers will soon be thanking us here at iChart for helping them look good, save time, and increase their web traffic. That’s because we’ve joined forces with comScore, the global leader in digital marketing intelligence, to allow them to use our unique interactive iCharts in their press releases.

Until now, journalists have been sent releases that include static charts or tables which can’t be adapted, copied, or embedded. Now they will be able to present data in a way that’s much more interactive by embedding iCharts instantly into their content. Readers will be able to search and analyse the data directly, making for a much richer user experience.

For content managers and editors, perhaps the clincher is that iCharts are built for search engine optimisation (SEO). The charts come pre-filled with metadata to attract internet traffic and cause the pages to rank higher than static or custom-designed untagged charts.

comScore are based in the USA and provide extensive data about consumer digital behaviour across the globe, allowing companies and agencies to tailor their digital marketing strategies. They believe that their partnership with iChart will help cement their position as global market leaders. Xxxxx from comScore said:

“We believe that the iCharts capability for one-click clipping and sharing of interactive web charts is an innovation that will help make our branded data ubiquitous.”

All the comScore interactive charts will uploaded to the ChartChannel. Register now to start clipping, sharing and exploring our interactive iCharts. We’d love to know what you think of the new comScore charts – let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.