Hello, SurveyMonkey Users!  Now Optimize Your Survey Data with iCharts.

If you are in the market for creating and sending out surveys, chances are you found yourself in the caring hands of SurveyMonkey for the simplicity, scalability and affordability of its tool.

What’s not to love? Survey set-up and distribution is a cinch and data collection behind the scenes is in real-time. You can get quick snapshots of how people see, feel and think about things that matter to you with their in-house charting even while the survey is still being fielded. But these charts are really just meant for your eyes only, giving you a pulse-check on  public sentiment. What about charts that are dressed with your brand for the world-stage, equipped with custom filtering and instant sharing capabilities? That’s where iCharts comes in with the SurveyMonkey data uploader we just launched today.

What Does That Mean?

It means that you can export your SurveyMonkey data, upload it into iCharts to design, create and share powerful charts.

Creating and Designing Charts from SurveyMonkey

We continue to do all the hard work for you. There is no need to re-format your data. You don’t need a programmer to sync your data to your design, nor do you need a graphic designer to pretty up your chart. iCharts takes care of all of it. But we make room for you to customize it to your own brand guidelines (logos, colors) with ways for you to optimize your SEO (hyperlinking, keywords, tagging).

Cross-tabbing and Filtering in Chart Form

We geek out for you with auto-generated cross-tab and data filters.
 Grab what you want to drill down by and segment your data on the fly. We’ve made it so that you skip having to run the numbers yourself then manually enter each value one-by-one into a whole different platform for charting.


We make it fun with data-focused interactive functionality. Viewers can explore cross-tabs and data filters that you have custom-selected for their use (click on the yellow buttons below) and flip through various data snapshots you have assigned for them to see (click on the left and right arrows next to Chart Views on the top right). Whether or not the filters and views are revealed or hidden to viewers is completely up to you.

We take social sharing to a whole new level with stand-alone chart embeds, sharing and clipping features. Journalists and bloggers can use your chart to report on your insights. Chart viewers who see conversation-value in your insights can share it easily with their social networks or via email.

So How do You Getting Started

  1. Sign-up and activate your free trial within 24-hours of sign-up.
  2. Ensure you are a SurveyMonkey Select or higher user.
  3. Export response data in a .zip file to upload to iCharts.

Now upload your data, design and start sharing with the world! #sweet