As Labor Day approaches, many people will consider it only as the last day of summer. For most school is just around the corner about to start. It’s the last day where many Americans will hold their final barbeques to mark the occasion. Ohh and if you are very fashionable then it is the last day for women to wear white. Many take Labor Day Weekend as the last opportunity to travel as well. So as we approach the last days of summer, let’s take a look at some of the trending keywords.

A list of the most searched for terms on Google this summer has been revealed. Of course, top stories of the summer provided most of the key words.

The biggest news of summer was Amy Winehouse’s sudden death. Second was the birth of Harper Seven Beckham in July. On the technology side we have all been hyped out about Goggle + and this shows its popularity on the trending keywords also.

I can pretty much guess that in 9 months time Beyonce’s baby birth news will top the charts of the most searched keywords from all around the world as she already topped up the Twitter records at her pregnancy announcement.