iCharts is thrilled to announce a new feature that will change the way you view your news – with the brand new Chart-Of-The-Day. Every day, the new iCharts homepage will present a chart that showcases the day’s breaking news from economics, business, sports,  and other sectors in a more visually compelling way.

It’s not always easy to digest numbers from press releases and news articles unless they have been shown in a visually engaging way. Fortunately, that’s where we come in: iCharts makes complicated data easier to understand.


We are also excited to release our New Search function, which allows you to search for information from around the world by categories, date, and region. Now you can access the data you want at your fingertips quickly and easily.

Just like all of our other charts, every Chart-Of-The-Day is made easy to share and embed on your favorite social media and blogging sites. These charts will contribute to the digital community of data journalists while delivering the information that matters to you. Follow us daily on Twitter by using #ChartOfTheDay.

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