On the close of a tremendous growth year for iCharts we reviewed all our blog posts and picked the Top 10 blog posts our readers loved the most.

1) NetSuite Record Types for Beginners

A NetSuite record type typically represents data for specific business functions, such as creating a customer or updating an opportunity. The record type allows a user to organize and categorize their data. Here is a common analogy we like to use… Read More

2) Exporting to Excel from NetSuite

NetSuite reporting is a highly powerful tool and we should not discredit the capabilities, however, there are some limitations, and Netsuite patrons still use the in-house functionality to export data to outside sources. Some reasons why users export are due to year over year reporting, which simply…Read More

3) Saved Searches in NetSuite Explained

A saved search is a defined set of filters that return the latest data meeting that criteria. Since saved searches are executed in real-time, you save the search definition, but not the results. 1) A Saved Search is a request for information. By specifying criteria and results information, you will be able to search through hundreds, thousands, or millions of records…Read More

4) How to Tell Stories with Data: An Industry Thought Leader’s Perspective

Data can give companies a powerful competitive advantage, but only when it’s presented in a compelling way that makes it easy to glean valuable insights. Industry thought leader Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic called this process “storytelling with data…Read More

5) How to Import and Export Data with NetSuite

The biggest obstacle between an organization learning from their Q1 results and capitalizing on their Q2 strategy is knowing what to do with their data. The time and money lost from manually exporting your data from Q1 can be alleviated by following some of these tips…Read More

6) BI Readiness: Using CASE WHEN Statements in NetSuite

When we onboard NetSuite customers to iCharts, we often find data structures that have been optimized for day-to-day operations. This can be a problem because what works for everyday use won’t necessarily lead to easy analysis and visualization in the future…Read More

7) Five Reasons Why Businesses Should Leverage NetSuite and Visual Analytics

Data is everywhere. But unless you’re capturing it and analyzing it, all the data in the world won’t help your company thrive. To gain the competitive edge in today’s complex, highly networked, and ever-evolving business environment, you need the ability to access relevant NetSuite data, analyze it…Read More

8) When to use Custom Records in NetSuite?

You might be asking yourself, why not just use an existing NetSuite record type? Creating a custom record will give you the ability to meet more of your business specific needs.  In some cases, a standard record type may not be capable of storing critical data the way that is preferred…Read More

9) The Problem with NetSuite Data Exports—And How to Solve It

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your sales team is prepping for a company-wide meeting and needs to present the latest figures. Because NetSuite’s native reporting options are somewhat limited, that means exporting your NetSuite data to Excel and creating charts and graphs there…Read More

10) How NetSuite Users Save Time and Money with Visual Analytics

NetSuite contains a wealth of valuable information. However, turning that raw data into easily shareable insights that everyone understands can be a time-consuming (and expensive) proposition. Because NetSuite’s native reporting capabilities are limited, you may choose to export the data…Read More

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