The social media world has been abuzz with Sachin’s latest achievement. A historic moment for the cricket world. The first player to score 100 international centuries in test and one days combined. Of course, this is not his first record. The number of records he has broken is itself a record. You can read about his records here.
As a data geek, thought it would be interesting to his career in charts.
The following two charts are for test cricket. The first chart simply shows the test scores through his career. You can use the slider to pan and zoom. What I was interested was his distribution. While his average is over 50, what runs does he score more consistently. The second chart shows the distribution pattern of his scores.



The next 2 charts display the same information but for one days only.



Statistics and charts can tell many different stories. Of course, Sachin is the highest run scorer of all times and the highest number of centuries in each format of the game. What about consistency? Can you tell from the charts?

An interesting chart would be to overlay India’s wins on top of his performances and see the co-relation. The data is available at Cricinfo. Why don’t you make an interesting chart and share with everyone?