Information and Inspiration for Creating InfoCharts

You have your hands on a few factoids from a hot press release or Mashable article. Can you chart it? You sure can. iCharts, while not a full-scale info graphics tool, does allow you to create mini infographics called InfoCharts. InfoCharts provide the flexibility for you to:

  • Create great looking charts without real datasets (e.g. Excel tabulations, survey response data)
  • Add awesome images and branding (Platinum plan only)
  • Showcase and share interesting statistics in an engaging format on a blog, ebook, website or social network without design expertise
Want to see InfoCharts in action? Here’s an example from our Pinterest board.

How do you get started?

Prepare to build your story with a mix of data, facts and design.

Plan – Pool together the facts (data points) that you want to include. Also collect images that you may need.
Create  – Import your images and copy/paste your  data points and any additional copy commentary into iCharts. Arrange and customize the elements as you see fit.
Share – Publish your chart to your website or blog or share it on your social networks.

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