The way we watch TV is becoming more social. Exciting news just came out this morning from the Twitter blog. Twitter is transforming the way we watch TV. Things are getting even more exciting for Twitter and TV — and more specifically fans of The X Factor USA. Twitter partnered with the show so that starting next week, the X Factor audience can cast votes for their favorite contestants via Twitter. Fans have been already very active with Twitter during live television events to voice their opinions with Tweets for years. All you need to do is to simply  follow @TheXFactorUSA then submit your vote through a Direct Message. Please keep in mind that Tweets will not count as votes.

This is a great bold move both from Xfactor and Twitter. So far, The X Factor is still falling behind (12.1 million viewers) the success of American Idol (26 million viewers) (data by Entertainment Weekly). X Factor is facing the same drop in England with decreasing number of viewers against the BBC’s Strickly Come Dancing.

The main Saturday night edition of The X Factor pulled in 9.8 million viewers, a 38% share, between 8pm and 9.55pm, more than 2 million viewers down on the 12.01 million who tuned in at the same stage of the series last year. May be the twitter effect will help to bump up these numbers.

Earlier this week BBC wrote about how people engage as they watch the two popular shows of the weekend, X Factor and the Strickly Come Dancing.  A  new survey suggests that more than three-quarters of UK viewers now use other media while watching TV.

We have covered the power of Social Networks on the way we watch TV before in our DataEdge blog, Beyonce, Royal Wedding and the Women’s Football World Cup : TV becomes social with Twitter. We have seen the interaction and  the engagement in social networks such as Twitter and Facebook sky rockted during  major announcements or TV shows.


We see numbers show the multitasking is increasing and I know that from myself. As I watch X Factor every Saturday and Sunday night I am constantly on twitter either checking what others are saying or frantically tweeting about the contestants. And now how convenient is it that I can actually vote,  well not quite,  as this is only for the US TV  for now  but I know that it won’t take too long before it shows up in English TV.

Let’s take look at some recent numbers from Nielsen and I am sure these numbers justify the move that Twitter is making which will and has already changed the way we watch TV.

According to the latest study done Nielsen, American consumers are increasingly connected and our recent survey shows they are multitasking when it comes to multimedia. Roughly 40 percent of tablet and smartphone owners in the U.S. used their devices daily while watching TV, while only 14 percent of eReader owners said they watched TV while using their device every day. Checking email. Email was the top activity for both men and women during television programming and commercial breaks. In addition, women reported engaging in social networking more than men, while men checked sports scores more often.

Do you engage with your followers, friends as you are watching your favourite TV show?