Data is everywhere. But unless you’re capturing it and analyzing it, all the data in the world won’t help your company thrive. To gain the competitive edge in today’s complex, highly networked, and ever-evolving business environment, you need the ability to access relevant NetSuite data, analyze it quickly, and make sound decisions. A robust NetSuite visual analytics solution can help you do just that.

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We’ve created an infographic to illustrate a few of the benefits of visualizing your NetSuite data. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Businesses that increase their investment in data visualization can realize a substantial return on investment.
  • More and more data is being generated every day, and visual analytics can help you make sense of the information more quickly.
  • Most data generated today isn’t being analyzed, but an easy-to-use data visualization solution can help businesses analyze more NetSuite data and generate more valuable insights.
  • Data breaches are hugely expensive, even when they happen by accident. A visual analytics solution that integrates with NetSuite can help keep your data secure.
  • NetSuite users who implement a real-time native visual analytics solution instead of exporting data to Excel or a business intelligence system can save precious hours each month. Less time spent on exports means more time available for conducting analysis and developing insights.

For all the facts and figures on how businesses benefit by leveraging NetSuite and visual analytics, download our infographic now.

iCharts Real Time NetSuite Visual Analytics

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Looking for even more information on how real-time data can give your business a competitive edge? Download our e-book, “Succeeding in Real Time: How to Make Effective, Data-Driven Decisions in NetSuite.” You’ll learn how to improve productivity and increase business intelligence by transforming your NetSuite data into interactive and visual insights in real time–no data exports required.