iCharts is proud to announce our newest feature: QuickStart Templates. It’s the fastest way to build a chart. We worked with hundreds of iCharts users to develop pre-made best-practice charts for specific verticals. Instead of building a chart or new saved searches from scratch, you can start with a template and get up and running faster than ever. Best of all, we designed our templates based on user input, real-world scenarios, and industry best practices, to get started right away.

Current QuickStart Templates

Here are some of the QuickStart Templates you can use today…

  • Sales and finance charts from the Transaction record type
  • Sales bookings charts from the Opportunity record type
  • Support charts from the Case record type

We’re always adding new QuickStart Templates, so be sure to check back if the chart you need doesn’t have a template yet. If you have an idea for a new QuickStart Template, or if there’s a chart you use that other companies might like, we’d love to hear from you.

Why templates aren’t just for beginners

Many users have told us that that the hardest part of building charts wasn’t even building them, it was deciding what to build. The right template won’t just help you get started, it shows you where to go and what to measure. By taking the guesswork how to measure specific KPIs, iCharts users could spend more time learning from their data, and less time building and designing charts. Ultimately, our goal was to help users save time and get more out of their investment.

To learn how to use QuickStart Templates, check out this article on our help page.

To learn more about iCharts, visit our iCharts for NetSuite page.

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